Monday, March 25, 2013

Eliminate Condensation on Your Windows in Minnesota

Eliminate Condensation on Your Windows in Minnesota

Water that condenses on the inside surface of windows in the wintertime can cause mold problems and discolor and ruin the finish on wood windows.  To solve this problem you need to allow more air movement near the window.    If that doesn’t solve the problem you need to lower the humidity in the house.  That might be as simple as turning the humidifier down or off.  It that doesn’t work, more drastic measures might be necessary.  You could run your bathroom fan(s) more often and crack open a few windows.  This will bring more fresh dry air into the house and lower the humidity.  Of course, your heat bill will go up a little.
If you have a bare concrete floor in the basement, that could be contributing significantly to the problem.  Two coats of vapor proof paint will eliminate that source of humidity.  If the floor is carpeted, water vapor from the floor could still be getting past the carpet.
Although expensive, installing more energy efficient windows, where the inside pane of glass stays warmer, can eliminate or minimize the condensation.  This will allow you to have higher humidity which feels better.

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